Author: Kim Bainbridge

My son Justin is 27 years old, and I am so happy that he finally has the ability to save money of his own in his Enable Savings Plan account. He was one of the very first account openers, opening his plan the day of the Enable Savings Plan launch on June 30, 2016.

Thanks to the Enable Savings Plan, Justin is able to work two jobs and save up money for his future and also for things that he wants. Currently Justin works at Westwood Movie Theater and Prairie Life Fitness. Movie theaters are very busy during the summer, which is great for him because he gets to work extra hours. We have an automatic deduction set up so that $50 is deducted from his checking account every month. On top of that, Justin has also been able to save an additional $400 in his Enable Savings Plan.

Now that he's saved up money, Justin's first plan is to buy some new furniture for his apartment. He's looking at this console sofa. This sofa will make it more comfortable for him to watch his favorite sports team on TV, the Nebraska Huskers. Now that its football season, he'll be able to cheer on Big Red from his brand new couch!