Author: Treasurer Don Stenberg  

One thing is for sure about the Enable Savings Plan’s first year. It’s gone by fast.

Seems like yesterday when we announced our countdown to launch from the newly refurbished Centennial Mall outside the Nebraska Capitol. It was one of the first public events on the mall that had just received a $9 million revitalization. We thought it to be a perfect location because of its connection to state government—where our ABLE law was enacted by our Legislature—and to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln—where our ABLE account owners might one day take classes or start jobs. What’s more, the revitalization effort made the mall totally accessible for all.

We have learned a lot in one year’s time. And we’ve made some new, loyal friends. Our vocabulary has grown, as has our awareness of the complications and complexities that come with living a life with a disability. We have also learned how vital support systems can be and how necessary good educational outreach and trusted resources are to the success of this program and, in fact, any program.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as Trustee of the Enable Savings Plan. I know you, our account owners, are depending on us to do this right, and that’s what we are striving to do. I welcome your ideas, insight, suggestions, and comments with open arms.

To help celebrate your accomplishments, and the first anniversary of Enable, our program manager First National Bank has partnered with several local disability organizations here in Nebraska for a day of celebration, outreach, and education. If you are in the Nebraska area, we encourage you to stop by a First National Bank branch. You can find a full schedule of events here:

My final thoughts about this first year are about you, our account owners. I wrote in a message a year ago that you are truly the ones breaking new ground, setting a trend, and blazing a trail for thousands of account owners to follow. My thanks to all of you and to your families. Thank you for placing your trust in Enable. Now, it’s on to even bigger and better accomplishments in our second year together.