Amelis Long, Outreach Specialist

As I write this blog, I am surrounded by reminders of the season. My desk is cluttered with school supply lists, enrollment forms and, my personal lifesaver: calendars—marked in five different colors for each sport, child and event. Between tuition, books, backpacks, calculators, pens, and pencils, a new school year can bring about anxieties that go beyond playground rules. Back-to-school is expensive!

When you experience a disability, back-to-school can present an additional level of expense for individuals and families. Savings in an Enable Savings Plan can be used for qualified disability expenses, which includes costs related to education.  Consider these examples:

  • Your speech pathologist recommended an iPad and app for augmented communication
  • Your occupational therapist recommends pencil grips and a rolling backpack
  • Your IEP includes a sensory plan that includes noise-cancelling headphones and a weighted lap pad

Whether August marks the beginning of preschool, or the start of post-secondary education, your Enable Savings Plan is the best resource to help you save for many of the expenses that tally up. Now, is it Labor Day yet?