As we prepare to enroll our first account owners in our Enable Savings Plan, we find ourselves balancing a host of emotions.

We are excited about this new program, one of the first in the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office in more than a decade. We are confident that, together with First National Bank of Omaha, we have put together a solid program that will stand the test of time and will effectively serve children and adults with disabilities in Nebraska and across the United States. We are thankful for the guidance provided by individuals with disabilities themselves, as well as their families, advocates, and advisors. And we are optimistic about this new venture for you and for us.

We are fully aware that you, our future account owners and families, are experiencing a host of emotions as well. You have waited a long time for this important step toward greater independence and self-sufficiency. To ease this transition for you, our first account owners, we promise that your interests will be foremost in all of our discussions and actions. We are committed to an open-door environment in which you can be comfortable bringing your needs and your ideas to our attention.

Our relationship with you will depend on mutual trust and respect. We have entered into the Enable Savings Plan with trust and respect for you. Please let us know how we can earn – and retain – yours. Please join us as we #EmbraceEnable.

-Don Stenberg, Nebraska State Treasurer