Author: Diane Stewart, Enable Outreach Specialist

Have you been searching for summer activities that are enjoyable for the whole family? In honor of August being Family Fun Month, we compiled some of our favorite ideas that are both accessible and entertaining. Try to check off as many of these as you can to keep the family fun going all month long.


  • Make a scrapbook or family album with pictures and drawings for a special memento
  • Go outside and pick some flowers, then press the flowers in a book
  • Create your own storybook, complete with illustrations
  • Make a sculpture or art project out of recycled items
  • Create a finger painting masterpiece

Fun and Games:

  • Read a new book together
  • Write a silly song
  • Play a new board game, or invent your own
  • Build a cozy blanket fort
  • Write a play and then put on a show for the neighborhood—you can even make puppets to play the characters

Yummy Food:

  • Plant a fruit and vegetable garden, then cook with your fruits and veggies once they’re ripe
  • Make your own popsicles with fresh fruit
  • Learn new recipes, or create some of your own and turn them into a family cookbook

Community Adventures:

  • Go to the zoo and learn about the animals
  • Find a new park and bring a picnic
  • Go to a flea market and make a scavenger hunt or play “I Spy”
  • Spend a day at the museum and make up stories about different paintings
  • Take a tour of your own city and find new shops and cafes
  • Go camping—you can even camp in your living room

Tip: If you’re having trouble deciding which activities to do, write them down and pick from a hat.

We’d love to hear about your family fun this month. If you try any of these activities, send us a message or post about it on our Facebook page!