Kendra Werth, Assistant Director of Enable

One of my favorite things about Enable is seeing firsthand the strong connections and support within the local disability community. It’s always rewarding to hear from our Account Owners, and learn their inspiring stories as they navigate their savings journeys.

For those who are looking for support and resources to bolster their finances and involvement in their community, we’ve put together a list of great resources to utilize:

Informational Webinars
Enable offers several informational webinars sharing Plan updates and more to help Account Owners stay up to date. Follow Enable on Facebook for alerts about upcoming webinar offerings to sign up for.

Our seasonal newsletters provide important information and updates about the Plan, sharing resourceful financial tips and news. Visit our news section on our website to learn more.

National Information
The ABLE National Resource Center is a great website to check out to be informed about upcoming legislation, federal guidance, advocacy and more as related to ABLE Accounts at large.

Local Organizations
There are many great organizations both throughout Nebraska and around the country that offer support and resources for individuals with disabilities. To learn about events and programming, ask around your community to learn about local organizations, and look to our blog for info on some organizations in the community.

Have a question about Enable? Feel free to get in touch with us at 1-844-362-2534 or via email at