Here at Enable we are working tirelessly to develop a savings plan that best serves the needs of the disability community.

We want to take this opportunity to put faces and names to the individuals who are here to support you when it comes time to open your plan and throughout the time you are saving.

Each member of the Enable team has worked across a number of areas, gaining insight and expertise to make Enable the best savings plan it can possibly be. We look forward to working with you and enabling you to save with us.

Reasurer Don StenbergTreasurer Don Stenberg:
Treasurer Stenberg served as Nebraska’s Attorney General before taking office as State Treasurer in 2011. Under his leadership, assets in NEST, Nebraska’s 529 College Savings Plans have increased from $2.4 billion to $3.9 billion. Treasurer Stenberg is committed to wise investments, sound financial practices, education, and customer service, making him an excellent leader for the Enable Savings Plan.





Rachel Biar, Assistant State TreasurerRachel Biar, Assistant State Treasurer:
Rachel joined the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office in January 2005 and serves as the Assistant State Treasurer for the NEST, Nebraska’s 529 College Savings Plans, the Long-Term Care Savings Program, and the Enable Savings Plan. Rachel is working closely with the program managers at First National Bank of Omaha to develop and implement the Enable Savings Plan, addressing the unique needs of account owners while keeping in mind convenience, ease of use, and cost.





Deborah Goodkin, Managing DirectorDeborah Goodkin, Managing Director:
Deborah joined First National Bank of Omaha in 2010 and is the Managing Director for the Enable Savings Plan, responsible for all aspects of development, implementation, and management. Her experience in the financial industry includes launching proprietary mutual funds for TIAA-CREF and managing college savings plans at First National Bank of Omaha (NEST, Nebraska’s 529 College Savings Plans), TIAA-CREF, Citigroup, and Legg Mason.





Joanna Swanson, OutreachJoanna Swanson, Outreach:
Joanna joined First National Bank of Omaha in 2007. Joanna is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Enable Savings Plan. Her experience in the financial industry includes being responsible for the employer, bank, and advisor channels for NEST, Nebraska’s 529 College Savings Plans.





Amelis Long, OutreachAmelis Long, Outreach:
Amelis joined First National Bank of Omaha in 2016 to support the Enable Savings Plan team by connecting with the disability community. Previously, Amelis spent eight years at Nebraska VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) where she held various positions including counselor, evaluator, and office director. Amelis will leverage her experience to conduct outreach for Enable in Nebraska. Additionally, she will coordinate with organizations affiliated with potential and existing Enable clients to encourage the adoption and use of the program.





We are happy to assist you with any questions! Visit our contact page to reach out to us:

– Author: Deborah Goodkin, Managing Director, Savings Plans, First National Bank of Omaha