Author: Amelis Long, Enable Outreach Specialist, First National Bank of Omaha

Despite the soaring temperatures, I live for summer!   I love the smell of sunscreen and fresh cut grass. Watching my kids jump in the sprinklers as their cheeks turn pink with that sun kissed glow will always make me smile. And no matter what I do to prolong those dog days of summer, my favorite season always transitions to cool mornings and back-to-school rituals.

But, summer is not over yet! We have one last hurrah: the fair. Local fairs and festivals give attendees a moment not just to celebrate summer, but to celebrate what makes their home state unique and special. Whether it’s a huge hog, an intricate butter sculpture, or fried food on a stick, one thing is certain: trips to the state fair are sure to create fun family memories, summer after summer.

The Enable Savings Plan team will be at the Nebraska State Fair exhibit hall in Grand Island, Nebraska from August 24th to September 4th. Between the funnel cakes and coaster rides, stop by and see us! We’d love to hear about your summer and state fair fun. Visit the Nebraska State Fair website for more on the event, and stay up to date on the Enable Savings Plan by checking out our blog and Facebook page.