Author: Addison Jordan

Hi, I’m Addie. I’m 22 ½ years old and I have Down syndrome. That half really is important to me because it means I’m getting older and becoming more mature. My mom tells me becoming more mature means you have to think about the future. When I think about my future I think about living on my own. I want to remodel our basement and create my own little apartment, complete with kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, bathroom and a music studio. I love writing music and playing different instruments. I wrote a song and you can read the lyrics below.

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I’m pretty independent now, I have a job and earn money, but because I have Down syndrome and collect social security benefits, it’s been hard for me to save money. The Social Security administration allows me to have $2,000 in my accounts, but if I save any more I risk losing my benefits, which isn’t good. That is until the new Enable accounts became available. Now I’m saving money every month so I can build my own place – complete with my music studio.

Starting My Own Life (the song)

I want to start my own life – I want to do it my way.
I want to sing, I want to dance, I want to work, I want to play.
My parents are cool, and do all that they can.
But I know, as I grow older, I have to have a plan.

I love writing songs, that’s what I do.

And maybe one day you’ll sing along too.