Author: Diane Stewart, Enable Outreach Specialist

As Enable Outreach Specialist, it is my privilege to meet with diverse, vibrant and supportive communities across the country – at talks, fairs, advocacy events and more. In these meetings not only do I have the opportunity to educate about the offerings of the Enable Savings Plan, but I get to hear about the impact that the Plan has had on so many individuals with disabilities and their families.

It is gratifying and energizing to hear what Enable can do for so many people, each with unique needs, goals and plans for the future. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I am delighted to share just a few of the reasons why I and so many Account Owners are thankful for Enable.

Enable Helps Families Keep their Benefits

The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act, known as the ABLE Act, was designed to help individuals with disabilities save money for their disability needs – up to $15,000 per year – without impacting eligibility for resource-based benefits. Passed in 2014, the ABLE Act is an essential resource for individuals with disabilities as they work to achieve financial stability and independence.

Enable is proud to be one of the first savings plans to open under the ABLE Act, reflecting an ongoing commitment to provide strong and sustainable financial tools for individuals with disabilities.

In addition, Enable is delighted to incorporate further benefits under the ABLE to Work Act, allowing certain employed Account Owners to make contributions beyond the $15,000 annual limit. I encourage you to watch my recent video blog on the topic, and reach out to the Enable team to learn more about eligibility.

Enable Empowers Efficient Saving

One of the greatest advantages to saving with Enable is that your contributions grow federally and state tax-deferred, helping you get the most out of every dollar you save. Even better, when the time comes to use the funds in an Enable account, withdrawals used for qualified disability expenses such as service animals, housing, transportation, financial management and more are tax-free.

Enable also offers diverse Investment Options, so that each Account Owner can choose the plan that works best for their savings strategy. You can choose any mix of Investment Options, and have the power to switch Investment Options twice per calendar year. Learn more about the choices available here.

Enable’s tax benefits and competitive investment options are there to help every Account Owner grow their savings as efficiently and transparently as possible.

Enable Funds Diverse Expenses

Different individuals with disabilities often have very different disability related expenses – that’s why the ABLE Act aims to cover a broad and comprehensive set of possible costs.

Defined as expenses “related to the blindness or disability of the designated beneficiary and for the benefit of the designated beneficiary,” Enable funds can cover the basics such as health, housing and transportation, as well as more specialized expenses such as financial management, assistive technology, service animals or employment training.

Enable funds are there to help Account Owners thrive. That means helping you use Enable funds where they’re most needed. If you have a question about whether an expense qualifies, please do not hesitate to reach out to Enable.

Enable Fosters a Welcoming Savings Community

Enable is committed to providing the support, information and resources to foster a strong community of Account Owners and partner organizations.

Through partnerships with disability organizations, we are committed to supporting local communities and fostering conversations about saving. Our webinars, blogs, newsletters and plan announcements help keep you up to date on news about Enable and about the world around us, from exciting advances in technology to exciting events and heartwarming accomplishments. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the know on all things Enable!

What about Enable are you most thankful for? Reach out to let me know at If you have any additional questions regarding your account, please contact the Enable team at 1-844-362-2534 or via email at