Author: Rachel Biar, Assistant State Treasurer, Director of Enable

I am excited to announce the Enable Savings Plan is teaming up with ABLE plans across the country and the ABLE National Resource Center this August to kick off #ABLEtoSave month. We look forward to participating by spreading awareness about the ABLE Act and the Enable Savings Plan. From eligibility to enrollment, we will be sharing information to aid current and prospective account owners in utilizing an Enable account to achieve financial independence.

The ABLE Act truly has changed lives, opening up a world of opportunities that did not previously exist for the disability community. I am especially grateful for the ABLE Act-without it, the Enable Savings Plan would not exist. Since launching over a year ago, we have heard so many success stories-stories of hope and inspiration from individuals with disabilities who have gained financial independence thanks to their Enable account. It fills me with pride to reflect on all of the plan's accomplishments, which would not have been achieved without the ABLE Act.

This month, we encourage you to continue sharing your personal stories about how opening an Enable Savings account benefited you or your loved one-just reach out to us through email or by posting on Facebook with the hashtag #ABLEtoSave. Together, we can advocate for the remarkable programs that foster potential and transform it into a brighter future for individuals with disabilities.