Author: Joanna Swanson, Head of Direct Sales, First National Bank of Omaha

Here at Enable, we have exciting updates to share with our investors! We are happy to report that enrollment continues to increase every day, helping more individuals with a variety of disabilities to save. Currently, our account owners are located in 32 states in addition to Nebraska, and over half of our total assets are from non-Nebraska accounts. Enable’s mission from the get-go has been to help individuals nationwide, so it is wonderful to reach more families in need of our services across the country.

Furthermore, we recently announced our partnership with the state of Alabama, allowing Alabama state residents with disabilities to save and achieve greater financial independence and security. It's encouraging to see other states realize the importance and benefits of Enable — we hope to partner with even more states in the near future.

Another exciting update happened just last month when we launched the Enable Checking Option. This new feature allows account owners to contribute and withdraw money seamlessly for everyday expenses and earn interest. This launch was a critical step forward for the disability community as it lets individuals with disabilities use a debit card or write a check using their own money, just like everyone else.

Looking forward to the rest of the year, we hope to offer our plan to a larger group of individuals with disabilities. We will also continue to implement helpful and empowering initiatives to help individuals with disabilities feel included in their communities.

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