Author: Terry Severson, Marketing Director, Savings Plans, First National Bank Omaha

An exciting and empowering weekend awaits us— March 10-12 commemorates Disabled Access Day 2017. Not sure what this is? You’re not alone! Disabled Access Day was established in 2015, so it is still fairly new. To lend a helpful hand, we’ve compiled the basic information to fill you in:

What is it?
Disabled Access Day is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness of the access issues faced by many individuals with disabilities. During this day, people with disabilities visit public places to highlight the fantastic access that already exists, such as touch tours, relaxed performances, sensory experiences and level access.

How can I get involved?
Getting involved has never been easier! Simply pick a place to explore and go! If you need help choosing a destination, information about accessibility for all places that hold events on Disabled Access Day can be found on Euan's Guide, the disabled access review website and app.

We encourage you to share a photo of your trips and visits this weekend on the Enable Savings Plan Facebook page using the hashtag #YouAndSomewhereNew and #AccessDay

From our team at Enable, we wish you a fun adventure—not just this weekend, but on any days you choose. Happy and safe travels!