Author: Nebraska State Treasurer John Murante

As the close of the year draws near, we find ourselves looking back at 2019—the milestones we reached (1400 Enable Accounts), the friends we supported (Go Homer’s Heroes!) and the savings opportunities, like the Enable New Account Bonus Program, that helped this community grow—all while looking ahead to 2020.

In today’s blog, I share some of the highlights that the Enable Savings Plan experienced this year and how we’re looking forward to helping you continue to save in 2020 and beyond.

2019 was a banner year for the Enable community. Heading into the year, Enable Account Owners were able to take advantage of Account Rollovers, which, per the recent tax reforms, allow funds from a 529 plan to be transferred into an ABLE account so long as the account is for the same beneficiary. More information about Account Rollovers can be found here.

In July, Enable celebrated its third anniversary, providing us with the chance to look back on just how far the Enable Savings Plan has come. The Enable community spans 40 states as of 2019 and continues to grow as we welcome new Account Owners with opportunities like our annual New Account Bonus Program in October. We look forward to seeing this community continue to expand by helping more and more individuals and families save for necessary expenses.

Speaking of community, the Enable blog was full of excellent conversations between Enable and other members and organizations in the disability community this year. Highlights on the blog include interviews with Best Buddies and the Autism Society of Nebraska, as well as personal essays from Leah Janke, the Executive Director for Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands and Mary Sweeney, the Marketing and Development Director for Down Syndrome Association for Families of Nebraska. The Enable Facebook page also played host to an abundance of heartwarming stories throughout the year involving individuals and organizations within the disability community. I encourage you to ‘Like’ the Enable Savings Plan (@EnableSavingsPlan) on Facebook to keep up with these great posts.

As we prepare to enter a new year, the Enable team is doubling down on its mission to provide an advantageous, easy-to-use and accessible savings plan. New Account Owners can depend on Enable to make the savings journey clear through our various resources and blogs that communicate the benefits of saving with an ABLE account.

Now and throughout the New Year, Account Owners are also welcomed to submit their own savings stories for a chance to be featured on the Enable blog. Blog topics can range from your experience with Enable to your top budgeting tips and beyond. Interested authors can reach out to Enable’s Outreach Specialist Diane Stewart ( at any time to submit a story or idea.

As always, the Enable team remains ready to answer any and all questions that new and current Account Owners may have as they navigate the savings landscape. Feel free to get in touch with the Enable team at 1-844-362-2534 or On behalf of Enable, I would like to extend a thank you to all of our Account Owners who make this community so vibrant. With just a week left in 2019, we bid you a happy and safe holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.