Are You Enable Ready?

Opening an Enable Savings Plan account is a great step toward saving for current or future disability-related expenses. To be sure you are "Enable ready," use the tips below to help you map out your plan for savings.

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What do you want to save for?

Set goals for what you’re looking to save for. Tap into resources of people who can help you set those goals, and then list the things you want to save for (both short-term and long-term). Try to identify those items that are "needs" versus "wants" to help you prioritize your saving.
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How much should you save?

That will depend on your individual needs, but start with your list of things you want to save for. Estimate what those items on your list will cost, and then group them into categories based on the type of Qualified Disability Expense.
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Make a plan to save

There are many things to consider when making your plan to save. Where will you get money to contribute to your account? Always remember that others can contrbute to your savings. How much should you contribute to your Enable Savings Plan account? The answers to these and other questions will help you map out your funding strategy.
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Start saving

What's the last thing to do? Start saving now! It's never to late to do so. Open your Enable Savings Plan account and start contributing. Then, monitor your expenses, budget and goals and make any necessary adjustments as needed.