The Enable Savings Plan offers you a simple selection of four Investment Options.1 You choose which of the Options meet your personal needs based on when you want to use the money (“time horizon”), and what you are saving for (“savings goals”).

Selecting an Investment Option

When you open an Enable Savings Plan account, you will need to select the Investment Option(s) that is most suitable for you. You can select one or more of the Options, but you must select at least one Option. If you select more than one Option, the initial and all future contributions will be invested based on the percentages you select for your initial contribution. The percentages you select for your account are collectively called a standing allocation.

Changing the standing allocation

The standing allocation can be changed for future contributions, but the money previously contributed will not be changed. You can change the standing allocation by logging into your account, calling the Plan or completing a form and mailing it to the Plan.

Changing Investment Options

An Investment Option Change is when you want to move the money you currently have in an Investment Option(s) to other Investment Option(s). According to federal rules, you can only move money from one Investment Option to another twice per calendar year.

1Investments are not FDIC insured* No Bank, State or Federal Guarantee May Lose Value
*Except the Bank Savings and Checking Account Options