The Enable Savings Plan is more than an investment; it’s a way to help kids and adults live their lives to the fullest. Here’s a sampling of the people Enable really impacts.


Picture of Claire smiling

“With both Down syndrome and Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), it challenges Claire’s ability to hold a job in the future and live independently. Using the Enable Savings Plan will allow savings for her medical expenses and make sure that she has access to the latest medical innovations.”

Justin and Jerus

Picture of Justin and Jerus smiling embracing

“We’ve never been able to save a penny for Justin in 26 years. Using the Enable Savings Plan will help us start to do that. Living on their own, the boys are doing remarkably well. They are able to show others just how able they are.”


Picture of Alexis smiling

“Alexis would one day like to be able to go into a store, use her Enable account to purchase something, and complete the transaction herself. The fact that the Plan was created with members of the disability community means that a vital daily skill required for her to live independently was created with her needs in mind.”


Picture of Jake smiling

“Jake has now set his sights higher. He wants to save in his Enable account for a house that has a yard for his service dog and so he can live independently. He is adamant about it. No apartments because there will not be a yard for his pup.”