Author: Diane Stewart, Enable Outreach Specialist

From well-rounded employee recruitment processes to accessible commuter transportation options for people of all abilities, disability inclusion creates a better standard of living for us all. At its core, disability inclusion means access—that is, access to the same opportunities and activities that those without disabilities are privy to.

One of the largest barriers to access is finances. Living with a disability can be expensive, and these extra costs can affect all aspects of life, inhibiting those with disabilities from participating in a range of activities and fulfilling day-to-day responsibilities.

In an effort to address the potential financial barriers that individuals with disabilities may face, and therefore increase access and enhance disability inclusion, Congress passed the ABLE Act, or the ‘Achieving a Better Life Experience’ Act. Created in 2014, the ABLE Act effectively reduced the barriers to achieving financial freedom for individuals with disabilities and their families by providing a tax-deferred savings option for qualified disability-related expenses. As a result, individuals with disabilities are better able to save for life’s daily necessities, like basic living expenses and housing, so that they can participate in all that life has to offer without being held back by financial constraints. The ABLE Act is the reason why the Enable Savings Plan exists today.

At Enable, we have made it our mission to uphold the ABLE Act by providing our Account Owners with resources and services to support their efforts in saving for disability-related expenses, both expected and unforeseen. Whether our Account Owners have goals to save up for camps and extracurricular activities, are aiming to establish an emergency fund or simply want to ensure that they can cover the expenses associated with living with a disability, it is our pleasure at Enable to further their financial independence and support them in any way we can.

For this reason, we’ve made saving in an Enable account simple by way of features like Automatic Investment Plans, Gifting Options and Systemic Withdrawals. With these tools, among the many others that Enable offers, Account Owners can streamline their savings strategy and boost the wellbeing of their account with as few additional decisions—and ultimately less stress—as possible. The peace of mind that accompanies financial security is unmatched, and we want all of our Account Owners to be able to meet their personal savings goals so that they can feel at ease when it comes to their savings.

Financial stability and independence are a gateway towards inclusion. They help individuals with disabilities reach their full potential and, in turn, empower them to lead a life grounded in equal opportunity with sky-high potential. We look forward to continue helping our Account Owners achieve their savings goals and relish in financial freedom.

If you have any questions about the Enable Savings Plan, I encourage you to reach out to me at or 402-602-3596. Our community is always growing and we welcome new members with open arms.