Enable gift certificate contributions

With an Enable gift certificate contribution, you select a special occasion card to give and then mail a check with a gift contribution coupon to Enable. Just follow these three simple steps:

Click on the occasion and download the card and gift contribution coupon. Fill in:
  • On the card: who it is going to, who it is from, the dollar amount and a personal message
  • On the gift contribution coupon: contribution amount, your name and phone number, name of the account owner, and the owner's Enable account number (which you can get from the account owner)
  • Print out the card and gift contribution coupon
Give the card to your loved one
Mail the gift contribution coupon, with your check, to the Enable Savings address on the coupon

Or, if you don't need the card, simply fill out the contribution coupon and mail to Enable along with your check


Once the check is received, the gift is deposited into the account owner's account. That's it. You've just made reaching their goals a lot easier.



Ugift®1, a free online gifting service

This convenient service makes it easy for friends and family to contribute to an Enable Savings account. The account owner will let you know the unique Ugift code assigned to the account. You won't need to know the account number. Then, you can quickly and easily make contributions using electronic transfer from your bank account or sending in a check by mail. Unlike many other gifting programs, gift givers don't have to join, register or pay a service fee.

Learn more by downloading the Ugift Frequently Asked Questions

Here's how it works:

The account owner securely logs into their account, selects Ugift and requests a unique Ugift code specific to each Enable account.


You will receive the unique code(s) from the account owner — by email, over the phone, in person, on social networks, printed invitations — any way!


Visit UgiftABLE.com, enter the unique code and make your gift contribution either securely from your bank account or by mailing a check.


Download a gift contribution certificate to give to the account holder.

Within five business days after the funds are received, the money will be invested in the Enable account.

Ready to give?

Ask the account owner for the unique code and check out Ugift now.

1 Ugift is a registered service mark of Ascensus Broker Dealer Services, Inc.