Withdrawing is simple and flexible. All withdrawals will be considered to be withdrawn to pay for Qualified Disability Expenses.

  • Money withdrawn from the Growth, Moderate, Conservative or Bank Savings Investment Option can be sent:
    • By check to you, the account owner, or to a company;

    • Electronically to your personal bank account on file with the Plan; or

    • You can set up prescheduled withdrawals to send money systematically to an individual or company.
  • Money that has been contributed into the Checking Investment Option can be withdrawn by writing a check or using the debit card. You cannot use a check or debit card from the Checking Investment Option to withdraw from any other Investment Option. To learn more about this option click here.

    When you tell us you want to invest in the Checking Investment Option you will receive a debit card at no cost within 10 days after the Checking Investment Option is funded.

    Checks are optional. If you want to write checks, you can order them from Enable or a vendor of your choice. Ordering a starter checkbook from Enable will cost $6 which will be assessed against your Checking Investment Option. Your checkbook will not be mailed until you have a $25 balance in your Checking Investment Option. Please call 844-362-2534 if you have questions. 

  • You can move your assets to another ABLE account as long as you only have one ABLE account in total at any one time nationwide.
    • You can request that the Plan moves 100% of your assets to another account for yourself in another ABLE plan once per 12 months ("rollover out" of Enable). Your account with Enable will be closed.

    • You can request a rollover of a portion or all of your account to another member of the family who is an eligible account owner in other ABLE Plan at any time.

    • You can transfer a portion or all of your account to another member of your family who is an eligible account owner in the Enable Plan.
  • The Systematic Withdrawal service allows you to preschedule withdrawals from your account over time to send to yourself or another third party. For example, you can use this service to pay a monthly bill. Details are available in the Program Disclosure Statement.

Impact of a withdrawal to SSI recipients

Withdrawals from the account for a Qualified Disability Expense (other than housing) will be excluded from the account owner's resources if it is retained beyond the month received, as long as the account is still open, the withdrawal is unspent, and the use of the withdrawal can be identified.

Withdrawals from the account to pay for housing-related expenses must be spent within the month of the withdrawal. If the housing expense is paid after the month of withdrawal, it will be included as a resource.