Five things you should know about Enable

An Enable Savings Plan account is a great way to save for current or future disability-related expenses without impacting resource-based benefits, SSI and Medicaid. There is no residency requirement, so anyone nationwide who is an Eligible Individual can be an account owner.


Worthwhile Tax Advantages

Earnings on your investment grow tax-deferred while invested, and are tax-free at both a federal and state level if used for any Qualified Disability Expenses. Contributions qualify for the federal gift tax exclusion up to $16,000. You may also be eligible for a state income tax deduction or other benefits.


There is a low $50 minimum contribution when an account is opened, and $25 if you select the Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) or payroll deduction at enrollment. After you open an account, there is a $25 minimum for subsequent contributions, waived if you contribute systematically from a paycheck or from a bank account. Save as little as you want or whatever you can afford.

Anyone Can Contribute

While assets in the account belong to the account owner, anyone can contribute. You, friends, and family members can all contribute to your account up to an annual total contribution limit of $16,000 from all sources. You can contribute by check or online and with prescheduled contributions from a paycheck or bank account. We even have a way to make gift contributions.

Easy to Open, Easy to Use and You're in control 24-hours a day

Any Eligible Individual nationwide can open an account in under 10 minutes online or by paper form.
You can access your account using the ADA-compliant, secure website. At you can manage investments, review balances and make contributions and withdrawals. You can make saving easy with automatic contributions from a bank account or paycheck - set it and forget it.

Low-Cost Investment Choices to Match your Savings Strategy

Our professional investment team has created affordable investment options including three which invest in low-cost Vanguard index funds; an FDIC-insured bank savings option and a checking option with checks and a debit card.
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