Annual Account Fee

There is a quarterly charge per account of $11.25 ($45 annually) regardless of the number of Investment Options or which Investment Option you invest in.

Total Asset-Based Fees

Total Asset-Based fees range from 0.00 to 0.45%. (There are no Asset-Based fees for the Checking Investment Option.)

The Total Annual Asset-Based fees include the amount charged by the underlying fund and the fee paid to manage the Plan including costs for forms, website, processing, legal, and marketing. This fee is incorporated into the price of the Investment Option.

This fee is not deducted from your account.

No Other Account or Transaction Fees

There are no other fees – no fees to enroll, withdraw, change Investment Options, or to transact online.

There may be additional convenience fees such as a fee due to a returned check with insufficient funds, or to pay for a withdrawal check that you request to be sent via overnight mail.

Fees specific to the Checking Account Option

For the Checking Investment Option, there is no charge to receive a debit card. Additional service fees may be charged. Please click here to see additional fees or charges for the Checking Investment Option.