An Eligible Individual of any age – children, transition-aged youth, and adults – with an eligible disability can open an Enable Savings Plan account at any time if the eligible disability exists at the time an account is opened, and the onset of the disability was prior to the individual’s 26th birthday (increasing to 46 on Jan 1, 2026). In addition to the definition of who is an Eligible Individual, you may also be eligible to open an Enable account:

You do not need to receive public benefits to be eligible.

Money in an account is used to pay for future Qualified Disability Expenses. Only one ABLE account can be open at a time in any ABLE plan nationwide.

  • The Eligible Individual is the account owner and the beneficiary of the assets in the account.

  • There is no age limit to open or use account assets, however, the onset of the disability must have occurred before age 26 (increasing to 46 on Jan 1, 2026).

Opening an account

Opening an account is simple, and it can be done entirely online or, if you prefer, by filling out a paper Enrollment Form and mailing it to the Plan. The individual with disabilities is the account owner and the account owner owns the assets in the account.

There are some circumstances in which the account owner may need others to open and maintain the account on their behalf.

  • If the account owner is a minor, a parent or guardian can open your account online or by completing an Enrollment Form.

  • If the account owner has a legally authorized representative (guardian, conservator or legal power of attorney) that has financial responsibility for the account owner, that individual will need to complete a paper enrollment form and send in evidence of their responsibility.

When an account is opened, you or your legally authorized representative will be able to check a box indicating your disability and self-certify you are eligible to open an account. Additionally, you agree to notify the Plan if you no longer have an eligible disability.

Information needed to open an account

To open an account, you (and if applicable, the parent or guardian or legal representative) will need to tell us your name, address, Social Security or taxpayer identification number, birth date and email address. You will also need to select an Investment Option.

Account restrictions

  • With the exception of residents of the State of Nebraska, if, while the Enable account was open, an account owner receives Medicaid, his or her state that provided Medicaid services may seek to receive the balance in the account upon death. 

    For residents of the State of Nebraska, the State of Nebraska will not file a claim nor seek recovery of any amount remaining in the account for medical assistance received by the account owner, a spouse or dependent under the medical assistance program pursuant to the Medical Assistance Act, after the Enable account was established.  

    For those who did not receive Medicaid benefits, or for account owners who were residents of the State of Nebraska and received Medicaid benefits, any funds remaining in the account will be available to the estate, can be transferred to another account within the Enable Program, or can be rolled over to another qualified ABLE program. 

  • If the account owner is no longer an Eligible Individual, the account can remain open subject to certain restrictions.